Glasgow World Cup: Men’s Competition LIVE

GymMHB USA Jonathan Horton

Well, we started off by kicking Louis Smith out of our seat, he kindly obliged. Lovely guy! Beth Tweddle and Louis are sitting just in front of us. Live streaming available here. The arena is busy but I expect it to be full to capacity this evening for the Women’s competition. It’s slightly chilly in here, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. We will have some videos and photographs online after the competition, so keep an eye on Full Twist over the next few days.



The gymnasts are being welcomed, Daniel Keatings has been welcomed out first followed by Dan Purvis. We’ll be starting Rotation One with Floor. The gymnasts all look great.

Floor – Rotation 1

Starting with Wild Card Dan Keatings.Very little error on Dan’s part, quite a clean routine. Looking good.Receives a score of 14.400. Second up is Dan Purvis. A beautiful floor worker, a pleasure to watch. 15.000 for Dan, a well deserved score. Israel’s Alexander Shatilov is third to perform. Some strong powerful twisting passes. A bit too close to out of bounds twice but keeps it in the first time, I would expect a deduction for the second occurrence. 15.366. Mykola Kusenkov (UKR)  first pass seems to lack power. Not so clean for him, he appeared to struggle a bit. A few deep landings. 14.466 currently ranking third. Rafael Martinez (ESP), I haven’t come across him before but he’s great to watch. A bit of a wobble on the dismount landing but overall a very clean and smooth routine. 14.800

Jon Horton, Philipp Boy, Sam Hunter and Cyril Tomassone warm up while we wait for Martinez score. Cyril Tomassone is first to take to the floor from the second group. Super powerful gymnast but falls on his pirouettes. A fall on the final tumble pass, what a shame. 13.233. Great Britain’s Sam Hunter next. An awkward landing on the first 2 tumbling passes. All tumbling passes aren’t so clean. 14.533. Jon Horton takes to the floor. I’m surprised by how small he is. Seeing gymnasts in person is a lot different than on tv. Low landing on his second pass but such a powerful guy.  Major fall on dismount. 14.233. Last but certainly no least newly crowned 2011 All Around European Champion Philipp Boy. Seems delighted with the clean routine. 15.033


1. Shatilov

2. Purvis

3. Boy


12.38 Pommel – Rotation 2

Daniel Keatings is up first. Had been running smooth tight routine but has just come off, re-chalking now. Beth Tweddle in front of us shouts “come on Dan!” in support. Dan looks disappointed, a score of 13.633. Quite clean and smooth routine from Shatilov. 13.833. Kusenkov is fast and keeps his legs and hips up high. Struggled to get to handstand for the dismount  but was successful on the second go. 12.800. Martinez shows a beautiful routine. 14.133, currently in the lead on Pommel.Pushing him into second place over all. Cyril Tommasone is so beautifully tight throughout the routine. While we wait for his score, the second group of Purvis, Hunter, Horton and Boy warm up. 15.366 for Tommasone. Shatilov, Martinez and Tommasone ranking 1st – 3rd over all at the moment. Sam Hunter up for Great Britain,  loses a bit of speed but keeps it going. Shakes Hortons hand as he comes off the podium, nice gesture to see between gymnasts. 13.800. Jon Horton didn’t have the best warm up but he’s up next.He kept it together, nicely executed. Horton claimed the gold All Around at the Jacksonville World Cup, will he be able to do it here? 13.300. Philipp Boy, a beautifully clean routine and he knows it, shakes both fists in celebration after saluting. 14.133. He moves into second place behind Shatilov. Dan Purvis is last to perform, receives a big round of applause from the audience. 14.033. Dan Purvis moves into 3rd place behind Boy.

1. Shatilov 29.199

2. Boy 29.166

3.Purvis 28.933


Rings – Rotation 3

Wild card Dan Keatings is up first, I can hear all of the girls scream for him, a few crushes there I reckon! A great routine, strongly held cross position. Beautiful one and a half tucked dismount. 14.100. Kusenkov is up next. 14.433. I’m getting more excited each time Martinez is up to perform, 27 years old, how have I not come across him before? A small hop on the landing but over all a really great routine. 14.400, puts him into the lead of the competition so far. Tommasone is strong, beautiful handstands shapes, small hop on landing.13.600. Sam Hunter is last in this group to compete. Lovely routine but a huge fall on the dismount, to which the crowd in unison go “oooohh” in disappointment. 12.933, not bad considering the fall. Jon Horton is up next, as some little girls rush by me to get Beth Tweddles autograph. His performance seemed sure, nice flat maltese. inverted cross seemed a little hard to hold at times but still strong. 15.066 – a well deserved score. He moves into second place behind Martinez. Boy is up next. The look of concentration on his face is immense, a small hop on the landing but once again punches the air with a satisfactory routine. 14.500. He moves into the lead pushing Horton in 3rd place. Lets see how Daniel Purvis can do. Clean routine, very  clean landing, feet apart slightly on the Double twisting double tucked dismount. 14.466. Shatilov competes last. He finishes the rotation with a powerful double twisting double tucked dismount, leaving the rings tangled together. 13.933.


1 Boy 43.666

2 Purvis 43.599

3 Martinez 43.333


Vault – Rotation 4

Dan Keatings falls in warm up. Beth Tweddle makes her way through the crowd. First up, Dan Keatings , excellent height, double straight twisting. 15.733, that’s more like it Dan! The Spanish coach congratulates him on the excellent vault, fantastic landing. Lovely stuck vault by Martinez. 1.5 twisting tsuk, watches his vault on the big screen as he walks by.15.233. Tommoasone is third to vault, small hop on landing but overall powerful tsuk double twist. 15.433. Sam Hunter Yurchenko tsuk double twist, watches his vault as he walks by, lands close to out of the corridor markings, scores 15.500. Jonathan Horton big step from handspring double tuck. 15.866. Boy just falls in warm up – not happy at all.  Dan Purvis over rotates and rolls out of his vault. Shatilov lands way out of the corridor markings on warm up. Kusenkov is the only one to perform a clean warm up vault so far. Boy is up first from the second group to vault. Falls on landing like in warm up, from a deep squat, not as hard. His entry was quite far down the vault –  handspring double tuck front.  He’s not too pleased, so air punching this time. 14.933. Dan Purvis, large step but no fall like in warm up. Yurchenko 2.5 twists, observes the replay as he walks by. 15.966. Shatilov, a bit of a low landing but all the same a good vault, tsuk 2.5 twists. 15.466. Kusenkov, a small hop on landing yurchenko double twist. 15.733


1 Purvis 59.565

2 Boy 58.599

3 Shatilov 58.566


P Bars – Rotation 5

Gorgeous work from Dan Keatings, receives a huge round of applause from the audience. Beautiful line in his handstands. Double pike dismount. 15.100. Cyril Tommasone takes to the bars, struggles a bit at the start. Scores 14.133. Sam Hunter, a large step on landing double pike dismount, does well to cover up a low landing during the routine but will count as a fall. 13.833. Horton chalks up. Beautiful lines in his handstands, a pleasure to watch on P Bars, very exciting routine, the crowd love it but he appears to struggle at times. Bit of a step on landing 12.966. Boy prepares himself as the last gymnast in this group. His shapes are amazing, does well to save his fall on landing, takes 2 massive steps backwards after the double pike dismount and nearly falls over but hands don’t go anywhere near the floor, lucky.  14.366.  He moves into first place overall now. Beth Tweddle is tweeting away on her phone in front of us. Dan Purvis takes to the bars, seems to hold his handstands forever. Solid landing on double pike dismount.  The roar of the crowd tells me that he is loved here in Scotland. 14.933. Moving into first place ahead of Boy, looking good for him, I would expect him to medal considering he got the bronze All Around medal in Berlin at the European Championships last weekend. Shatilov is third last on this apparatus. Big arch shape in one of his first handstands, nice double pike dismount. 14.233. Kusenkov is  second last to compete, appears to struggle up to the handstand shape sometimes. Small hop on the dismount. 14.500. Martinez, the final competitor continues to impress me. A small hop on landing but over all a very clean and smooth routine. 14.666.

1 Dan Purvis 74.498

2 Martinez 73.232

3 Boy 72.965


High Bar – Rotation 6

Dan Keatings – amazingly high dismount, fantastic routine!Should score well. 14.400.  As Sam Hunter takes to the bar, 6 little girls crouch down beside me looking for Beth Tweddles autograph. I’m not sure if they know who Louis Smith is beside her.. he takes a small step on landing. 14.500. Jonathan Horton performs next. Amazing one handed giant, falls on the release of the full twisting Korbut. Chalks up and gets back up there. Safely catches on the second release, good recovery. Huge step on landing but receives massive cheers and round of applause from a supportive crowd. 13.700, it moves him into first place…for the moment. Philipp Boy should easily impress the crowd next. Wow, amazing routine. “Explosive” as the MC calls it. Full twisting Kovac was so sure and exact. Small step on double twisting double straight dismount. 15.533. Dan Purvis is last to compete in this group. Gets stuck on top of the bar, with a “come on Dan” from Tweddle he gets over. 14.100. He moves into first place .100 ahead of Boy. Shatilov is first from the second group of gymnasts. Loses his grip and goes of to regrasp.  There are now about a million little girls beside me asking for Beth’s autograph! High release on the dismount and a step.  13.500. Oh, he has moved into third place. Kusenkov, very close hands on the release moves. Very solid landing.14.900. Purvis still leads in first place.  Martinez is up next, I can’t wait to see what he pulls out of the bag. He has lovely form, well executed routine. He punches the air in celebration. Will he take the top spot from Dan Purvis? He needs 15.300 to over take Purvis. Tommasone is the last gymnast to compete. Great routine. 14.533. Dan Purvis wins the title.







  1. Admetric says:

    This is not Horton’s day.

    Keatings looks okay but I think he is off his best because of his injury.

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