Glasgow World Cup: A review


Many thanks to those of you who left us kind comments and sent emails thanking us for our live coverage from the Glasgow World Cup.Thanks to those who “liked” us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter, it’s always great to get in touch with new people in different ways, and thanks to those who are new subscribers.

It was our first time live blogging, and boy, did we enjoy it! We chatted a bit to Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith who were sitting in front of us with the BGTV and British Gymnastics web team, both very lovely people. The rest of the British boys Dan Purvis, Dan Keatings and Sam Hunter were sitting behind us during the Women’s competition, we left them alone, considering they were tired and Dan Purvis had been doing a lot of press and media after the competition.  The atmosphere was great in Kelvin Hall.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Europe

Men’s Competition

Dan Keatings looked great but I fear that he may not be quite 100% or else he seemed to be just with-holding on his first international competition since coming back from his ACL injury. Dan was the Wild Card in the competition, although he could not be counted for in the over all rankings. I was very impressed by Martinez, I hadn’t really come across the Spaniard who had won the European All Around title in 2005, he also finished 7th All Around in the Europeans this year. He was great, such strength, athletic and elegant. Cyril Tommasone is definitely a top class All Arounder. Horton didn’t have the best day, his fall on the high bar was unfortunate.  British Gymnastics have just uploaded a breakdown of all of the gymnasts routines here.


Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Europe

Women’s Competition

I have to say it was hard to keep up with all of the moves performed, we tried as best we could in some parts. British Gymnastics have a good breakdown of the moves and routines performed by the gymnasts.


LOPEZ (VEN) – Jaeger, followed by nice Tkachev, lovely double front dismount to stick! 13.466

PINCHES (GBR) – Unfortunately fell on her first element shap half, recovers well with some clean skills to stick her back in full out dismount. – 11.900

HAIDU (ROU)- Fall on Jaeger. Again recovers well to stick dismount- 12.766

SEITZ (GER)- Ginger, toe on Tkachev, fall on Jaeger. Finishes well but a few small errors. 12.226

RACEA (ROU) – Nice lines, nice double front dismount with just a small step on landing. – 13.700

STEINGRUBER (SUI) – Short of a few handstands, close on the geinger and then a  fall on double front after a stumble. 11.833

MILLOUSI (GRE) – Jaeger, double pike dismount, short clear hect, clean but simple. 12.900

WHELAN (GBR) – Didn’t make short clear full, got back on track but then hit feet on the low bar. She composed herself well but then fell on her dismount. 11.533

I was disappointed for Whelan and Pinches, more so for Pinches, she really didn’t have a great competition. Her warm up bars was fantastic. The warmth and encouragement from Beth Tweddle was lovely, as she called out to both girls, encouraging them. Whelan’s floor was probably my favourite, so well put together, with excellent music and choreography.  Lopez blew me away, as did the response from her coach Nilson Savage as she nailed routines each time, he would clap and punch the air with his hands with joy.  Read more about them on The Couch Gymnast. The comfortable relationship was lovely to see, as was that between Amanda Reddin, Pinches and Whelan. Lopez is beautiful to watch, Steingruber is so powerful. Her vault was excellent and well deserved the highest mark on this apparatus.

I was honestly shocked at the amount of falls on bars, only Lopez and Millousi stayed on for their full routines. On  beam, Pinches, Haidu and Whelan all fell. I’m just glad that no one appeared to be injured and kudos to the coaches for catching some of the girls so well one bars. The splat-fest continued on beam.

Overall it was a brilliantly run event, I have no complaints, except that I wanted more.I did manage to get over my disappointment of the withdrawls of Mitchell, Qiushuang, Yuyuan and Kaeslin. The Women’s competition finished 45 minutes ahead of time, I don’t know how, as on the time table, the events were timed down to a tee! Watching the women’s warm up was definitely a highlight of the afternoon as was chatting briefly to Nilson Savage. There was a team of contributers from Full Twist at the event so we have a few videos to begin uploading. Unfortunately we managed to forget the big lens for our camera, so pictures won’t be of the best quality. Below are the HD videos we have from the Women’s competition:

FloorLopez, Whelan, Millousi, Steingruber, Pinches, Racea

Beam – Racea, Seitz (beam was furthest away and hardest to film)

Bars – Millousi, Lopez, Pinches, Whelan, Steingruber, Seitz, Haidu

VaultSteingruber, Racea, Seitz, Haidu, Pinches, Lopez, Whelan

We also have a good few from the Men’s competition including Purvis, Keatings and Boy on High Bar, Kusenkov and Boy on P Bars and  Purvis and Boy on Vault. We’ll provide a link to our new YouTube channel once we have begun to upload the videos.

As can be expected the British Media was a flurry with Purvis win.

In-Form Purvis takes World Cup All Around Gold in Glasgow

British Gymnastics continues to prosper as Dan Purvis takes World Cup gold

BBC: Dan Purvis wins World Cup gold medal in Glasgow

The FIG have a review of the competition


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