FIG: Happy New Year

Bruno Grandi

A Happy New Year video from the FIG

The FIG have also published a letter from the President reflecting on the year 2010. Grandi talks about how gymnastics has matured, has become universal and how justice has been served.

A brief look at the stats: Stuttgart 1989, average age 16.67. London 2009, average age 18.79. Despite the fact that the average age fluctuates with time as gymnasts come and go, it cannot be denied that gymnastics is evolving (too slowly in my opinion) toward a corporal expression worthy to be called such; mature, accomplished, such are the characteristics of a sport called Artistic, for those who have forgotten.

Finally and after a long period of uncertainty and lack of trust, international gymnastics is taking a decisive step forward and has begun to come of age.  It is about cultural progression, through which every one of our disciplines will pass, from the foundation to the pinnacle of the hierarchy.

As far as age and the physical appearance of our athletes are concerned, gymnastics has entered its adulthood; this concerns women most specifically, where we have begun to see well-rounded athletes rather than children. Our competitions also boast a greater number of countries garnering medals (universality). Podiums have taken on a veritable rainbow of winners; and in Rotterdam, we heard more national anthems than ever before! A first. Finally!

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