“Fallen Champions”


Amanda Turner linked to an article in the Jerusalem Post on International Gymnast about the gymnasts who were part of the 1928 Dutch Women’s Olympic gymnastics team who won gold in Amsterdam.

An article in the “The Jerusalem Post” recalls the terrible fate of Dutch gymnasts who helped win the women’s team gold at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Five of the gymnasts on the gold medal-winning team were Jewish, as was their coach, Gerrit Kleerekoper. Four of the gymnasts and Kleerekoper were murdered in the Holocaust, but for more than 50 years, where they had died was a mystery. Many of the gymnasts had married and dropped their maiden names after the Olympics, making it difficult to locate them among death records. But a few stubborn researchers refused to give up, and in the mid-1990s their fates were finally uncovered

It is a very sad but great story to read.Read it here.

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