Euros 2015: Italy names delegation


Italy has named it’s delegation for the European Championships as follows:


  • Vanessa Ferrari
  • Erika Fasana
  • Carlotta Ferlito
  • Enus Mariani


  • Andrea Cingolani
  • Tommaso de Vecchis
  • Ludovico Edalli
  • Matteo Morandi
  • Enrico Pozzo
  • Lorenzo Ticchi


  1. xexeo says:

    VAULT – Paula Plichta is the only encore to the end of the vault – her that last year won bronze. But the favorite is the veteran Oksana Chusovitina, she who for 26 years attends Cottbus with excellent results. The classified are Teja Belak, the one who can steal the gold from the Uzbek, Ana Campos, Pauline Tratz – the German champion this year – Tsaja Kesselef, Argyro Afrati and Boglarka Devai, the new Hungarian darling. In the repechage, Diana Jerofejeva – veteran of 28 years – Jasmin Mader – which last year reached the final and finished last – and Gaya Giladi. Last year, the gold went to Janine Berger – deleting a horrible 2013 – and the silver for Kim Bui, the muse of this marketing 2015. The remaining step – Naomi Makra, Martina Nekrasova, Kristen Beckett and Hiu Wong.

  2. xexeo says:

    BARS – Jonna Adlerteg confirms that it is with everything in 2015 and was two points ahead of other competitors. Ana Filipa Martins is the only encore to the end – last year, she was in penultimate place. The others are Evangelina płyta – confirming the rise of the new generation of Greek gymnasts – Paula Artigas, Dorina Boczogo, Teja Belak, Caterina Barloggio and Kristina Pravdina. Last year, winning Sophie Scheder, silver and bronze for Annia Rodionova for Naomi Makra. The other – Kim Bui, Natalie Vaculik, Marta Pihan-Kulecza and Aleeza Yu.

  3. xexeo says:

    BEAM – Andreea Munteanu and Katarzyna Jurkowska repeat the end of last year – Munteanu won bronze and Jurkowska fifth. Munteanu comes out ahead, seconded by Kim Janas and Jurkowska. The other – Caterina Barloggio, the Tzuf Feldon surprise, Ana Campos, the South American one to be in a final, Ayelen Tarabini and Ana Filipa Martins. Last year, victory Naomi Makra and silver to Maria Kharenkova. The other – Sophie Scheder, Cagla Aykol, Aleeza Yu and Natalie Vaculik.

  4. xexeo says:

    FLOOR – Marta Pihan-Kulecza can become twice champion – who won it last year, a historic date for the athlete of 28, who since 2009 has not set foot on the podium in Cottbus. Andreea Munteanu also repeats the final – was fifth, but now appears seconding Kulecza. The other – Tutya Vilmaz, Argyro Afrati, Lisa Ecker, Dorina Boczogo, Ana Filipa Martins and Ayelen Tarabini. Last year, silver to Kim Bui and bronze for Maria Kharenkova. The other – Sasa Golob, Cagla Akyol, Aleeza Yu and Natalie Vaculik.

  5. xexeo says:

    Oksana Chusovitina confirms favoritism putting pressure on other competitors and win gold in the high jump Cottbus. Silver for Tsaja Kesselef – surprise, since the Slovenian attends more the bottom of the table podiums – and the bronze to Teja Belak first event of the gymnast after ankle surgery. Paula Plichta, who was the second bronze in one hand, took fourth and Pauline Tratz who came to stay third, finished fifth.
    Jonna Adlerteg good about life in this beginning 2015 back to the good times of 2013 and the first gold spikes to Sweden in Cottbus in bars. The surprise was the Uzbek Kristina Pravdina with the silver and the Portuguese Ana Filipa Martins rising production, penultimate last year for the bronze. Evangelia płyta and Teja Belak fell from the Slovenian ranked last, with Dorina Boczogo to the 10th of the podium, continuing their month ordeal without medals in international competitions.

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