Elena Davydova Interview

Former Russian Olympic gymnast Elena Davydova moved to Canada in 1991 and since then has been coaching and working in Gemini Gymnastics in Oshawa. Recently Elena was interviewed by Durham Region and discussed how she has created national champions, coaching and her relationship with gymnasts.

Do you try to be more than a coach to your gymnasts?

Davydova: You always feel like a mother. I hope that all of them fell that I am giving them my heart. Basically, I’m their mother in the gym looking after them. I can’t be completely soft. If I’m soft, they are not going to be tough. It’s a tough sport. They know. When they have to leave gymnastics, it feels like my child is leaving and it’s always hard. I’m not a babysitter and I can’t completely be a mom the way a mom is at home. Here you have to direct them the way you know how. When you establish the rules and environment, they follow it. It’s important to have a good environment. I think they are comfortable here. I think they know they aren’t coming here to play and be social. They are learning how to be good friends, they are learning how to support each other, they are learning how to be respectful to the adults, which is sometimes missing in our lives. These kids are so organized. I have kids that miss school and come in early, but they are all successful in school. It’s because they are organized and perfectionists and want to be the best everywhere, in school too, so they are successful.

Read the full interview here.

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