Digesting the World Championships Nominative List


So by now everyone has read the Worlds nominative list and has had time to digest it. So what are your thoughts? A lot of the teams are exactly what I expected to see, especially Great Britain and Russia. There were also some big surprises, mainly the USA, Romania and China.


USA Nominative Team:

  • Sabrina Vega (listed as reserve)
  • Mc Kayla Maroney
  • Alexandra Raisman
  • Jordyn Wieber
  • Alicia Sacramone
  • Mackenzie Caquatto
  • Anna Li
Marta Karolyi has provisionally chosen the above list which consists of one bars specialist (Anna Li), Jordyn Wieber was always going to be a definite, as was Alicia Sacramone, I also expected to see Ali Raisman and Mc Kayla Maroney. These gymnasts have also had their coaches listed as attending so I have a feeling that they will stay on this list and we will see them in Tokyo next month. So with that, it was four of the six spots filled, not including the alternate.
The really surprising thing is that Chellsie Memmel wasn’t listed, I certainly expected to see her on the list. Maybe this list was decided in between VISA’s and Classics but probably not before Classics, either way Memmel shone at Classics so it’s quite a shock that she is not listed. Shawn Johnson however is  understandable after her Classics performance but she picked up at VISA’s.  Despite just coming back,  she’s been training hard and is a very strong AA gymnast when on top form. We have to remember that this is a nominative list, not the final and it’s not known when the list was chosen. I suspect it was after VISA’s, a rushed list as Bross is not listed but again perhaps Marta wanted to see her and decide when she was in full health.
I know that the USA are weak on bars, but odd to bring just one specialist to Worlds, and also considering that Anna Li isn’t listed on the National team. Shawn and Chellsie can bring good bars for the US, so again I’m very surprised that neither are listed. It has been rumored on Facebook that the USA’s team will be the top four AA gymnasts and the top two event finals gymnasts.
However the second round of the Worlds Selection camp is currently on at the Karolyi Ranch, the next camp is the second Pan Am / World Championships Selection Camp which will be held September 17th – 21st. A further camp will be held September 22nd – 27th as a World Championships Prep Camp, so we will see in a couple of weeks where the those listed above stand. I would expect the list to change a good bit.
China Nominative List:
  • Yao Jinnan
  • Tan Sixin
  • Sui Lu
  • He Kexin
  • Jiang Yuyuan
  • Wu Liufang
  • Alternate: Huang Qiushuang

Most are surprised that Huang Qiushuang has been listed as an alternate. She placed 4th in the AA at last years Worlds, however she didn’t do well for the Event Finals. She has suffered injuries this year but nothing that seemed too bad. New seniors Tan Sixin and Yao Jinnan were always definite for this years Worlds team. They’ve really proved themselves to be the bright stars in the future of Chinese gymnastics. It is very odd that Deng Linglin isn’t listed considering she is so strong on beam, she placed 2nd on beam at Worlds last year, tied with Rebecca Bross. Jiang Yuyan hasn’t been having a great time of late, she finished second in last years Worlds AA. She seemed a little more on form at Ghent last weekend, but still not quite herself. Wu Liufang is a definite for Worlds, she really proved herself at Ghent.Yang Yilin is also missing from the list.

Great Britain Nominative list:

  • Niamh Rippin (Alternate)
  • Beth Tweddle
  • Hannah Whelan
  • Jennifer Pinches
  • Danusia Francis
  • Rebecca Downie
  • Imogen Cairns

Much of what I expected from Great Britain however, no one seems to be quite sure where Becky Downie is training wise, whether she is back to AA standard. She most recently competed at the Romanian Nationals but competed on bars and beam only.  GB have three great AA gymnasts in Hannah Whelan, Jenni Pinches and Danusia Francis, a strong vaulter in Imogen Cairns and obviously the World Champion on bars, Tweddle. We haven’t seen Niamh Rippin the alternate for some time, she has just returned from injury, the last time she would have been seen before the friendly in Romania and the British Championships (where she came 7th in the AA competition) was last years British Championships. 2009 had been one of Niamh’s best years but she suffered a stress fracture in her back and had three months of rehabilitation. As well as that, Niamh then broke her hand. At the moment she’s back on track though.  Cairns is competing on three pieces so the British can afford to have Beth competing on only two pieces.

Romanian Nominative List:

  • Dana Andrei (reserve)
  • Sandra Izbasa
  • Ana Porgras
  • Diana Chelaru
  • Amelia racea
  • Raluca Haidu
  • Diana Bulimar

The biggest shock of this list is that Catalina Ponor doesn’t feature as it’s hard to imagine Dana Andrei being named as reserve for Worlds over Ponor or Gabriela Dragoi, however as per FIG rules she cannot officially be named on the countries team until October 1st.  I would imagine that Ponor’s recent wins on beam,  vault and floor during the Romanian Nationals would make her a lock for the team, no doubt about it.

So those are the big teams and the surprises. We knew that Mustafina and Bross wouldn’t be competing in Worlds so that;s no surprise at all. This time next month a lot of the gymnasts will probably already be in Tokyo adjusting to the climate and different time zone.  By the end of September I would imagine that we will have the definite list of gymnasts competing. Exciting times ahead!

Photograph credits:

Shawn Johnson by Jessica Frankl

Great Britain via British Gymnastics

Romania via The Couch Gymnast



  1. Heather McKenna says:

    The gymnasts in the GB photo don’t match up with the names ie Nicole Hibbert is in photo but not on list and Imogen Cairns is listed but not in photo!

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Heather,

    I am aware of that, they aren’t actually meant to match up with those names listed 🙂

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