Daniel Keatings – “Rock Bottom”


Great Britain’s Daniel Keatings wrote a column for The Telegraph following his uncharacteristically bad form at the World Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo. From reading the column, it  is clear to see that Dan is clearly gutted at the result, as Great Britain’s main objective for the 2011 WCh’s was to qualify for the London 2012 Games.

I am trying to erase the memory of the World Championships from my mind. Nothing went to plan for me and our performance as a team was probably as bad as it gets.

The Worlds had been something that I was really looking forward to as it was my first global tournament since recovering from a major knee injury. I put in a huge amount of preparation, which went really well, but when it came to actually performing I let myself down.

I felt in such good shape going into the Worlds with a number of good results in competitions to draw upon so I was expecting to do well.

The most annoying thing about my performance is that I didn’t even make any glaring technical errors. In fact my poor scores were all down to flukey falls that were out of my hands. I wasn’t sure what was going wrong and I think that was what made it most frustrating.

As Dan says, it’s not all bad, at least the British Boys will have the opportunity to use the equipment that will be used a the actual Games in the summer.

A real bonus about competing in the test event is that we get to have another dry-run at the Olympic venue, using its apparatus and getting a feel for what to expect in London before any of the other big teams do. That’s a big advantage as the equipment is different everywhere you go. We’ll be able to go there and test it out and get used to it which is going to be great.

Our objectives are clear: we need to get the team qualified for the Olympics at the test event. Then once our place at the Games is booked we need to work on how we operate as a team as that’s a crucial aspect of succeeding at a Games. If we meet these objectives then we’ll never perform as badly as we did at the World Championships again

Hopefully the British men have had some rest since the WCh’s and have gone back into the gym, not dwelling what has happened but have started fighting for the future.


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