CoverGirl Classic: Friday’s Impressions


I woke up this morning to find my Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter feeds full of news, information and videos from yesterdays training for tonight’s CoverGirl Classic. Unfortunately I’ve had to wait a couple of hours to see it all until my training was over today.

The first thing I jumped to was a video of Shawn Johnson, like others I’ve been watching to see something new from Shawn for months. I’ve always loved her and am so delighted with her decision to make a comeback. Here is Shawn working on her floor routine, the musics not very exciting but it’s a nice routine it seems.


Gymnastike posted Chelsea Memmels floor routine. Blythe from the Gymnastics Examiner has said that’s it looking good for Memmel to take the AA title, which would be amazing. She looks great, beautiful dance. Really looking forward to seeing her compete tonight.Loving the illusion turn.

Gymnastike have also posted Alicia Sacramone’s new floor routine. The music is fabulous, her dance is beautiful, oh how I’ve missed this girl on floor.

The Couch Gymnast has posted lots of photos on Facebook and has a brilliant review of Friday’s training, make sure to check it out. Unfortunately a lot of the videos that have been posted are not available to watch outside the US, this really bugs me 🙁 The Gymnastics Examiner has links to videos and quick hits from podium training. Thanks Ladies for the great updates! Things are looking good for tonight, it sounds like we’re in for a big treat. Hopefully I’ll still be awake at 2am / 3am my time to catch the live feed. Join me on Facebook and Twitter if you’re up too!



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