Coaching Vacany: Head Gymnastics Coach for World University Games required


Jobs In Gymnastics links to an exciting coaching role in Ireland.

The Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland (CUSAI) is pleased to invite applications for the role of Head Coach to the Gymnastics team that will participate at this summer’s World University Games.

Job Description:
The job description of the Gymnastics Head Coach shall include but not be limited

Reporting to: Head of Delegation.

Pre Games:
• Acting as the main point of contact for the CUSAI Office;
• Liaison with the National Governing Bodies where appropriate in conjunction with the CUSAI
• The collation of nomination forms, Certificates of Academic Eligibility, and all relevant
paperwork as required by the CUSAI Office;
• Travel arrangements in conjunction with the CUSAI Office;
• Being familiar with the National Governing Body’s Doping Regulations / Policy;
• Ultimate responsibility for the behaviour, conduct and well-being of the gymnastics team and
staff during both the preparation phase and throughout the duration of the Games;
• Liaise with CUSAI in the drafting of the player selection criteria in advance of final approval
and adoption by CUSAI.

On Site:
• Responsible for the discipline and behaviour of the team;
• Present passports to the Assistant Head of delegation upon arrival in the Athletes’ Village;
• With the administration staff arrange all required transportation of the team to practices and
competitions through the Headquarters and or the Organising Committee’s transportation
• Regularly check with the Organising Committee’s technical desks for the latest information,
practice schedules and competition schedules;
• Report all practice and competition schedules and locations to the Chief Medical Officer and
Chief Physiotherapist;
• Bring any team concerns to the attention of the Headquarters Staff;
• Immediately advise the Head of Delegation of any technical problems;
• Attend all Technical Meetings;
• Ensure team members attend special functions (where possible);
• Ensure team members adhere to dress code around the Athletes’ Village and for special
• Ensure protocol is observed within the specific sport i.e. exchange of gifts, pins, banners.
Post Games
• Responsible for producing a comprehensive post games report by Friday, 16th August.

View the full job specification on Jobs In Gymnastics.

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