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Following the breaking news yesterday that two time Olympian and Chinese star gymnast Cheng Fei had ruptured her achilles tendon in training, the Chinese have called out to the FIG stating that they would like modifications to be made to the Code of Points. President of the Chinese Gymnastics Federation, Ye Zhennan told

“Despite wearing tendon protectors, Cheng still tore her Achilles during a training session.”

“Not only China, but other teams including Russia and the United States face injury woes.”

“It’s time for the FIG to make some changes to the rules.”

Off the top of my head, I can think of Alicia Sacramone (USA), Becky Downie (GBR), Sara Cantanzaro (Switzerland), Fabian Hambuechen (GER), Clara Della Vedova (FRA) who have all suffered Achilles injuries in the past two years..and that’s just off the top of my head. Ful Twist has previously discussed achilles injuries and offered an explanation when super star footballer David Beckham ruptured his back in 2010.

These photos of Cheng Fei with taped ankles were published online back in April with a heavy amount of taping on her ankles. At 24, she was high at risk of injury especially with previous problems.

What are your thoughts? Is the demand for higher difficulty just too much for the gymnasts bodies? Do you agree or disagree with Ya Zhennan? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


  1. Kevin says:

    The only thing the Code writers see is difficulty, and leading the team is Nellie Kim, who never had any grace nor charisma in her artistic expression, her 1980 floor that won gold in Moscow Olympics was hideous, and this is the types of people making decision about the demands placed on children in the sport today. None of them are performing the acrobatic skills performed, and they never did. The need for artistic expressions, choreography and projection on the floor and beam should be rewarded with points, while only a couple of USA gymnasts have any skills or talent in the artistic area, there would be a need to impose dance, theatrical expressions into routines and training of the athletes rather than the crude circus tricks that we see today that are interlaced with vulgar postulating and very bad gyrations not even worthy of a Madonna video.

  2. kecks says:

    idk – ruptered achilles tendons are just what happens when you do impact sports. i do track (sprinting) and on the German national team there are nearly no women who never ruptered a achilles tendon and came back from it. it just happens when you have to do all the pounding…

  3. rajn says:

    To the mesage above about the gymnasts not having skills or tallent is totally wrong. If they didn’t have skills or talent they wouldn’t be top gymnasts that they are. Not every gymnast has grace and elegance. ( ie porgras) but every gymnast is tallented. Jordyn wieber might not be the best daner but her music accompanies that. I believe injuries happen every gymnasts risks tearing their achillies. All the pouning and pressure they put on their bodies. Injuries are always a risk in this sport.

  4. Gail Adamson says:

    it is not just Achilles tendons that are getting injured, but knees as well…witness the number of torn acl’s recently. I think the landing surfaces need to be examined. On vault there is quite a thin soft mat on top of a very hard podium. This does not make for safe landings. At competitions, the surfaces are even harder because they are often brand new.

  5. aaronellis78 says:

    @ Kevin Wow!!! “while only a couple of USA gymnasts have any skills or talent in the artistic area” Artistic is not just dance! Have you ever looked up the word artistic? Here let me help you out!!!!
    1. Of or relating to art or artists: the artistic community.
    2. Sensitive to or appreciative of art or beauty: an artistic temperament.
    3. Showing imagination and skill: an artistic design.
    What does number 03 states? Artistic gymnastics is imagination and skill. The human body is beautiful and the fact that these young ladies are competing different routines means “ARTISTIC”. Just because you don’t think that they are doesn’t mean they aren’t. That so called team that doesn’t have skills or talent is reining team world champion and AA champion. They are walking into the 2012 games as heavy favorites. Just so that you can get my point 04 Olympic AA (USA) 05 World AA (USA), 07 World AA (USA), 08 Olympic AA (USA), 09 World AA (USA), 11 World AA (USA). So USA MUST be using their Artistic side to claim so many titles.

  6. aaronellis78 says:

    I do think that they can use more mats here and there, but these athletes are defying gravity. What do you think will happen to the human body if it continues to flip/jump 8 to 10 feet in the air? The impact will be harsh on the body. There is no clear way around it besides removing the sport completely. The problem that not only the US & China this includes Russia they are not letting their athletes/gymnast heal. They’re allowing these young ladies to continue when their bodies haven’t healed. Let’s take Komova & Mustafina @ the last Europeans, they both looked worn out and had trouble executing moves that were once upon a time very simple for them. I’m not buying the scores of the last Russian Cup. I think their scores were given based off their names and not what they actually executed. Victoria a 16.2 on UB come on! She was given a 15.666 at the Europeans event finals and now she’s pulling higher scores w/no healing time? The actual footage that they did show of her on Full Twist she ended up on her back on her dismount on UB, placing 3rd. You mean to tell me none of the other girls could out score her with a complete fall? But anyways I think Russia over scores their gymnast just like the US does, heck every country does for that matter. But back to the topic at hand, I feel the coaches, directors & coordinators are allowing these girls to continue or pushing them back onto the main stage. Instead of allowing the proper time for healing and resting they’re pushed back into the sport. Well I can’t say that for the United States, but Russia & China this is their means of livelihood. This is making these little girls (directed @ China), young ladies (for the rest) bodies to go into over haul. They have to catch back up to their status before injury & then fight to get to where the rest of the field is. Without the proper healing time & strength building their body is head back to injury. Yes it is every gymnasts dream to win Olympic Gold or even a medal, but one has to sit back and ask is it worth me not being able to do anything if I happen to fail at one Olympic Games? There are 12 teams 60 gymnasts, not including the gymnasts/countries that made it in with one or two gymnasts & only 12 individual medals & 3 team medals, not everyone is going home with a medal. If it’s not your time then it’s not your time, rest up & dominate the following worlds, there is no age limit like it was before. Germany has a 37 old gymnast and she is still going strong. 92, 96, 00, 04, 08 Games & headed to the 2012 Games.

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