China insist tighter checks after Age Scandals

BBC Sport have posted this article regarding the Chinese age scandal from 2000 Olympic Games where China were stripped of their women’s team bronze  as Dong Fangxiao was found to be 14 years old – two years too young to compete in the Games.

The Chinese officials have promised to enforce rigorous checks and processes to verify their gymnasts ages. These processes such as  x-ray bone analyses have already come into action for the upcoming Youth Olympics in Singapore where the delegation have gone through stringent checks.

Two age scandals in four Olympics Games has caused China great embarrassment and it’s good that they are proposing to prevent this from happening again. What are your thoughts?


  1. Great news. … But I still believe the underage girls from 2008 will eventually be proved.

    China will again be stripped of that team medal.

  2. Alicks Fraser says:

    I think this is a rubbish rule & China should be proud of her. A child that is younger than anyone else & probably hasn’t had as much training. Seems to have a lot of natural talent. If she is able to compete with adults I say let her. She mite have lied on the application, but I say that she is very courage to go up against everyone else

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