Lately our girls are going through a hell of a lot of chalk. I use Gymnastics Express in the UK to do some bulk ordering of their “Grippy Chalk Blocks“. Normally I buy 8 blocks or so at a time (bear in mind the girls only train 10 hours a week max), realistically I should be buying more at the speed they’re going through it these days. It ends up costing £27 (€32 / $44) with a very speedy delivery time. The girls love the chalk, they prefer it to chalk used in other clubs.

A supply of 70 blocks from Gymnastics Express works out as £149.95 and from Continental Sports at £146.05, both prices include VAT but not delivery charges. Knowing my luck if I bulk buy, the girls will decide they don’t want to use chalk as much and we’ll have wasted a lot of money. We don’t have the storage for a big sack of chalk and chances are, it will get knocked over and we’ll have a right mess on our hands, not to mention causing problems for asthma sufferers.

So to the coaches out there, where do you get your chalk? Am I paying a reasonable amount / too much? Yes I can find chalk cheaper on other sites but as Rick from Gymnastics Coaching pointed out, we need to be cautious of what is in the chalk we buy.


  1. Gymnastfix says:

    We are a small club and at the minute we do not have the funds to be buying lots of chalk for the gymnasts. We encourage the seniors to buy chalk for themselves instead of relying on the club for chalk. We do have a small amount for the Gymnasts but the girls who like lots of chalk do buy their own as they realise we run out very quickly otherwise.

  2. Tim says:

    The grippy stuff is good alright – you could go straight to the manufacturer:,0,-_EN-1000513,00.html,5404,-_EN-1000000,00.html

    They also make a 20kg bag also, but marketed as carbomag, which we buy from Continental Sports, it’s chalk powder rather than blocks, and lasts us ages. We keep it in it’s original bag, but put that bag inside a large plastic rubbish bin, (like the ones everybody had before the wheelie bins came around!) so no chance it will fall over. We then use that to keep the smaller boxes topped up around the gym. Perhaps they might supply a smaller bag?

    We find it reasonably priced, and our kids are used to it at this stage – we get about 2 or 3 years from a bag. We also usually bring our own chalk to competitions also.

  3. Admin says:

    Thanks Tim, I was thinking about that option too – I’ll definitely have to look into it. Keeping boxes topped up around the gym is a great idea. 🙂

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