British Gymnasts in the media


The British media has been a flurry for the past week or so with news of their gymnasts ahead of the European Championships.

Louis Smith and coach Paul Hall are raising the bar

I absolutely love this piece from The Telegraph, it’s very honest from both Paul Halls side and Louis Smiths side.

When I was young I was probably the worst kind of kid to coach: the problem child from hell. I had ADHD, a short attention span and I was just crazy.

I hate it now when I meet someone like a friend of the family and they say: “The last time I saw you, you were this big.” I just think: what was your impression of me? I wasn’t naughty in a nasty way.

It’s not like I’d have ended up in prison if I wasn’t in the gym. It was just mischief, playing tricks, making jokes… I’m still like that sometimes.

I was about six years old when I started coming down to the gym. At the start I only did it because it was fun. Then I saw the Olympic Games in 1996 and I thought: “Wow, let’s get there and do that.” I started to take it more seriously. I got to about 12 or 13, I showed potential, especially on the pommel horse, and it went on from there.


Beth Tweddle ready to prove her powers of reinvention  in Berlin

Beth talks more about her new bar routine and admits that she sometimes finds the new age technology annoying, as within 2 hours her new bar routine appeared on YouTube. Thinking about it, fans want to share with with other fans but we never really think, as Beth says that her competitors can see what she’s up to.


“It’s brand new and it’s a lot more difficult. But this is the time to try things. My competitors are going to be upping their difficulty ahead of London and I need to be right up there. The judges had been watching my old routine for a year and a half. They knew where my weaknesses were, they were waiting for them. Maybe I can surprise them now.”

There is no point in pushing Tweddle for an inside scoop on the new Olympic routine: within two hours of her performing it for the first time in public it had already been posted up on YouTube, something she describes as “a bit annoying. All my competitors can see it”.


Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images AsiaPac


London 2012: High hopes for British Gymnasts

This Telegraph article discusses the rise of British Gymnasts and how the men are now beginning to over take the women. It mentions the Olympics and how new senior Sam Oldham is looking like one to watch for 2012.


With luck, Britain’s fortunes could soon get even better. Popov and other experts believe that our best prospect of all could be the youngest. Sam Oldham, 18, won the Youth Olympic title on the high bar last year and has been tipped as one of our best medal prospects for London. Smith has already commented: “I honestly think he will be better than me.”

Daniel Keatings has a new blog post. He expresses his disappointment in not making the team for the European Championships but admits that he is nearly back to where he wants to be since returning from injury last year.

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