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Full Twist was contacted by a Gym Mom from the UK this week. She was delighted to see that Full Twist had highlighted the new and upcoming talent on the UK gymnastics scene. Recently we posted about British U12 Champion Ellie Downie, yesterday about Rebecca Tunney and last year about Catherine Lyons. All gymnasts hope to represent Great Britain in the near future at Olympic level and are showing great talent.

It’s a pity that young gymnasts with this much talent don’t get the recognition they deserve, a good deal does seem to be known about new and upcoming gymnasts in the USA. Gym parents in the UK find themselves looking on message boards and on YouTube to find information from competitions, as do their gymnast children. Like the young gymnasts I coach, these gymnasts want to know about girls their own age – what can they do? What are they working on? They’re not too clued in on the girls at the top of the gymnastics scene. I recently asked the girls about the Worlds and about Beth Tweddle, they seemed completely unphased by her fantastic bar work! Our Gym Mom told Full Twist that during the summer her daughter attended a training camp in Liverpool and whilst excited to meet Beth Tweddle, she was far more excited at the prospect of training with upcoming stars Catherine Lyons and Aasha Kimpton!

It seems that the gym fans often do a better job at reporting the news than governing bodies or local news. This post was linked to by the Gym Mom in her email from TGBN Community:

Saturdays competition was absolutely thrilling. Level 3 kicked off the day with the girls from the East region taking the competition by storm. Stunning performances setting a standard that would be hard to beat before the second round had even started! Teal Grindle looked as though she was the clear winner from podium the day before, but a fall on her standing layout on beam knocked her down 1.5, but she still managed to cling onto her lead going into the second round. Janae Duport-Clarke had her beam marked changed TWICE during the morning, the first time she edged ahead of Teal, then it was down graded again and she dropped back into second. Thrilling stuff!!

The one to watch to see if she could break ranks in the second round was Catherine Lyons. Beautiful clean gymnastics on all four pieces despite not having the difficulty of Teal and Janae, she ended the competition 1.25 ahead of Teal. Catherine scored a massive 14.75 on beam, but her floor score appeared to be a little low compared to previous scores. Great competition with 3 amazing talents for the future fighting it out piece for piece.

Next came the level 2’s, all I can say is this years espoirs had better pull their socks up because these girls are going to rock the boat big time next year! I was really excited to see Aasha Kimpton as I had heard she would not be competing, but was a little dissapointed that Imogen Chan wasn’t there as well as It would have been the ultimate showdown between elegance and power. Ellie Downie and Tyesha Mattis both started on beam and both stuck all their moves. Tyesha was very solid. Both girls looked unstoppable after this event and really set the standard. Ellie and Tyesha both had huge straight yurchenkos but I was pleasantly suprised to see Assha do a very nice piked yurchenko. Amy Tinker also did a straight but it lacked the power of the others. Aasha hit an amazing bar routine with inverts and a perfect giant full, I was a little disappointed she didn’t do her geinger. Ellie and Tyesha both performed a release, Ellie’s Tkatchev was huge but Tyesha’s Geinger was a bit whipped and low.

Both girls showed how powerful they are on floor with massive double tucks and high twists. Tyesha had a different mix of Aasha’s music but the routine lacked the elegance and panache of Aasha’s, but what she lost in artistry she made up for with her tumbling and top scored floor with 13.00. Aasha struggled a bit with her tumbles, perhaps due to her injury but did one of the most entrancing and stylish routines I have seen in a very long time. Hats off to her choreographer! Her beam choreo was also stunning but she fell on flick layout and lost a potential 1.5 the same as Teal in the round before. This left the title open for either Tyesha or Ellie and in a nice twist of fate Tyesha won the Voluntary title and Ellie won the combined.

As our Gym Mom says – it would be great to see new blogs or videos from British Gymnastucs about the upcoming gymnastics talent, not just the current talent – after all these girls are the stars of the future!

Catherine Lyons (you maybe have to click on the link to view)

Aasha Kimpton

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