Bodies The Exhibition Part 3

The fourth section displayed a model of a rugby player diving for the ball.  This was really something else.  The women beside me asking “How did they get it into that position?” and “How can they move it if the body goes into rigormortis? Maybe it doesn’t last that long?”. These questions still remained unanswered. I walked right around the specimen viewing every part I could in detail. As with the “runner” it was easier for me to see what is going on when an athlete is performing and how injuries might occur. You can see so much of these models that the hair on the body is visibly clear, notably on the arms and eyebrows.  Unfortunately I cannot source a picture of it. The body has been put into the most amazing position as the “player” dives to the ground for the ball. If you look at the pictures below, you may be able to get a sense of the poses shown at the different exhibitions worldwide.

Here we were also shown the body in Transverse and Saggital sections. The exit then lead to a small gift shop and a visitors book in which to write your thoughts, I really wish I had done this, although it could have been as long as this blog post! I treated myself to a pair of socks from the Gift Shop, for those of you who know the cost of them, I will try to convince you that it was well worth the “X” euro! My socks are great, they map out the structure of the feet and legs – a bit geeky but I love them!!

As you can probably tell , I very much enjoyed the exhibition. It was definitely one of the highlights of my year so far. It would be impossible, as the exhibition had been on for so long but I wish that there could have been a professional there that I could have posed my questions to. I have so many that remain unanswered.  Whilst viewing the specimens gave me a sense of clarification, I still wanted to touch everything, it was hard not to! I still wish that I had the chance to work on cadavers in college. Although smaller than I expected, I can understand why it might take people hours to get around the exhibition. There is some reading material to explain the specimens on display. I tended not to read these as I was already aware of the information.

Despite the negative reviews and reports, I found the exhibition to be amazing. A fantastic learning tool for anyone, whether you’re in the profession of medicine and biology or not and also for children. There were a few children there who seemed completely clueless to what they were looking at. The origin of the bodies on display is of mixed opinions and ideas, many people insist that these specimens were unclaimed bodies, which appeared to discourage some people from attending. Either way, donated or not, perhaps it would be some small comfort to the deceased that they have, in death, managed to provide such a wonderful educational opportunity for so many people. You are not permitted to take photographs at the exhibition, although these images will never be erased from my mind. I can assure you, the pictures in this blog post do the specimens little justice. I would encourage everyone to attend this exhibition.

Bodies finished in Dublin on July 27th. A similar exhibition “Body Worlds & The Mirror of Time” is currently running in The O2 in London, from the fantastic Professor Gunther Von Hagen ,whom some of you may know from the Autopsy programmes on Channel 4 some years ago. This exhibition is running until Sunday August 23rd, I think it would be well worth even a day trip to London just to see this –  especially as flights from Dublin to Heathrow are very reasonable at under €100 return! Unfortunately I can’t see myself getting to London before the closing date so I just hope that this exhibition might come to Dublin due to the popularity of Bodies but somehow I doubt it.


  1. Gary says:

    Loved it also. The lung display and placement of fat on the human body were the two displays that struck me most.

  2. Gym coach says:

    I loved this exhibition, I really did. it’s amazing how many people the organisers will have educated by bringing this show worldwide

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