Beth Tweddle Sculpture


Louise Giblin is a British sculptor working in the UK. She has made sculptures of many many from different backgrounds including musicians, medics, businesspeople, sportspeople, fitness instructors, artists, designers, lawyers. Her sculptures are produced in clay, fired, then cast in bronze, translucent resin or cold cast metals.

In July this year, Louise launched her Olympian Series, which features five major British Olympic representatives being body cast for sculpted pieces relating to their physical power and personal triumph. Sally Gunnell, Paralympian quadruple medallist swimmer Darren Leach, middle distance athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, Olympic hurdler Kriss Akabusi and our current World Bars Champion Beth Tweddle will all feature in the series. These sculptures will be exhibited in London 2012 in support of the charity Headfirst. Watch Louise’ announcement here or below:

Each of these sculptures will take approximately one and a half to two months to complete the clay sculpting phase. A further two months of work will follow at Lorraine Grandi’s Creative Art Casting studio. Louise hopes to post images throughout the process. On August 4th, Beth Tweddle’s body was cast in Liverpool, she was the second athlete to be cast.

Lorraine has begun to document her body castings by putting videos up on her YouTube channel. Below you can see a video of the very early stages of Beth Tweddle’s body cast.In the video Louise explains how she has used a lot less clay for Beth as she has for Kriss Akabusi as she is much smaller than him. Kriss’ clay weighed in at 60kg and Beth’s weighed in at 20kg, a huge difference! Watch it below or on YouTube.

In this video you can get an idea of what Beths sculpture will look like throughout the process. You can also hear a video of Louise discussing her Olympian project on the radio here.

What a fantastic project. Full Twist is really looking forward to seeing the finished product as well as the steps along the way!

PS… Congratulations to Full Twist posting our 1,000th post just now

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