Welcoming Beam Artistry deductions


We are now into 2013, which means we are also into a new quad, which means a new Code of Points (CoP). By now we are all aware that the new 2013 – 2016 CoP places a huge emphasis on artistry on both beam and floor. A WAG Brevet Intercontinental course and exam was run in Bratislava back in December. Following this judges returned to their countries providing the key points of information which will be vital to coaches and gymnasts in constructing routines.

In order to prevent losing a huge amount of marks, gymnasts must put on a performance on beam. The deductions and new requirements are fairly heavy. In regards to artistry, gymnasts must now show sideward movements on the beam, which do not have to be elements. Although we do love to watch beautiful poses, this cannot be a pose. All movements on beam need to be flowing, not static. There is up to .7 there to be deducted for artistry.

I judged for the first time last weekend at a Regional WAG event. I was stationed on beam on a panel of three which gave me good insight into the new artistry deductions. For this competition it was decided that only the artistry deductions from the new 2013 – 2016 Code of Points would apply. I wasn’t judging a high level, the most difficult elements were front and back tuck dismounts, I am unsure of how these levels relate to the current US levels. I have heard in the past that our Level 5’s are quite similar.

At the WAG Brevet Intercontinental Course in December, the judges were shown videos of  former Soviet gymnast Oksana Omelianchik. The judges were informed that Omelianchik had pefect artistry, her beam routines flowed as if she were performing on floor. Take a look and see what you think:

I certainly did not see artistry like this on beam over the weekend but it’s getting there. Younger gymnasts who would normally climb onto the beam with legs visibly shaking, oozed confidence and exhumed an excellent air of grace. The gymnasts looked like they had a connection with the beam, as if they owned it. It was a pleasure to see. Those who had made an extra effort to think of imaginative and unique choreography were more exciting and enjoyable to watch as a judge, however I felt that there is still more to work on, especially from the older gymnasts.

I’ll be attending a Coaches Briefing course on the new FIG Code of Points later in the month, which I’m looking forward to. I wonder what other artistric gems they might show us.

I for one welcome the increased artistry deductions from the new Code of Points. How are other coaches and judges finding the new artistry deductions? Have you taken any action in your club to help the gymnasts avoid heavy deductions? Leave a comment below


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  1. Megan says:

    That routine was simply stunning! If the COP pushes gymnasts in this direction, I will be so very happy to watch each and every routine. Lovely work, and I’m really excited to see what this inspires.

  2. Admin says:

    me too Megan!

  3. NYAN says:

    me too MYANMAR

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