Anna Li – 7.1 Uneven Bars

anna li

According to Anna Li’s blog, she is currently working on an Uneven Bar routine with a 7.1 start value which could be crucial for the USA if they want that team gold in London. With that start value, she’d be up there with difficulty similar to Tweddle and Komova.

I was really happy to go out and do what I had been training!! My bars have been extremely consistent to the point where this routine is easy for me!! I’m so glad I even hit my 6.9 routine!! You can’t control the scoring…..haha but I’m glad I did my routine to the best of my capabilities!! I’ve worked really hard on all my handstands, having really good position, body lines, form, and finishing my pirouettes in handstand!That’s the definition of success and no regrets!! Now I’m playing around with the 7.1. 

Here’s Anna’s routine from the second day of VISA’s. She ranked third on bars over the two days of competition behind Gabrielle Douglas and Kyla Ross. She competed day one with a 6.7 and day two with 6.9, actually higher that Douglas competed.

Thanks to GymNewsTics for pointing this out.


  1. Tmoney says:

    If she could just consistantly hit this. Her and gabby looked alot better than komova and a musty

  2. Marguerite says:

    As much as it pains me to say this; there is a reason why Gabby and Kyla had such inflated UB scores (despite lacking in difficulty compared to Anna) – MARTA has already pretty much determined her Olympic Team and thus is tweaking the scores to suit her! It’s disgusting and so very un-democratic, but I’m sorry Anna! Even with a 7.1 on your best and really ONLY useable event, it is very doubtful… which is such a shame 🙁

  3. Tmoney says:

    Talking about inflated scores. Komova with a fall still gets a 15.1 now that’s inflated scores for the russians

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