2012: A busy time for Wieber


2012 is already shaping up to be a busy year for 2011 World All Around Champion Jordyn Wieber. Yesterday it was announced that she will compete with Worlds 2011 team mate Aly Raisman at the AT & T American Cup in March and now it is reported that she will compete at the Pacific Rim Championships, March 16th-18th. Wieber also announced in October that she has turned pro, thus giving up her NCAA eligibility and so has decided to become a professional athlete in the wake of her massive success at the World Championships in Tokyo. Coincidentally, Wieber recently signed up to an endorsement deal with Kellogs who are the sponsors of the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships.

Knowing that she bet Russia’s Viktoria Komova by a very slim margin to the World All Around title means Wieber and coach John Geddert know they must keep improving which is why they plan to upgrade some of her routines, namely beam and floor. Geddert tells the Detroit Free Press:

“Come January, we’re nose-to-the-grindstone.

We’re basically shutting it down and getting back in serious training.”

We haven’t seen anything of Wieber since Worlds in Tokyo, and we’re not likely to see anything from her until the AT & T Cup in early March, however, we have seen Viktoria Komova in action. Since Worlds she has competed at the Italian Grand Prix, Massilia Cup and most recently the Voronin Memorial Cup, so we know the routines she is currently competing. Watch them here. But, with Aliya Mustafina back competing at the Voronin Cup for the first time since tearing her ACL at Europeans, she sure put a spanner in the works with her routines. Despite watering down some routines and opting to land on softer mats on floor, the 2010 All Around World Champion looked fantastic. Mustafina competed a Yurchenko full on Vault and showed an impressive level of tumbling for someone who had knee surgery just 6 months ago. Her floor included excellent moves such as a one and a half to front full, double tuck and double twist. Everything seemed pretty normal by Mustafina’s standards except her beam routine, which didn’t feature her usual standing Arabian and also an uncharacteristic fall on a side aerial. Aide from that, she looked good, she managed her first competition, and at that – an All Around competition very well.

So what do you think, should we expect to see a three way battle for the All Around title in London? Or Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


  1. Igor Almeida says:

    It was a triple twist on her 2nd pass!

  2. Tmoney says:

    Jordyn will have her upgrades. But, most important; she’ll be consistant and a rock. Plus everyone going to be surpriced. Because, Kyla Ross is going to make a big splash. Not only do I think she can compete with Jordyn; but she’ ll be ready for komova and a musty. She’s so consistant and smooth. So I see a four way battle. The us girls will be ready anyday .

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