20 Questions with Beth Tweddle


The Telegraph newspaper published 20 questions with Beth Tweddle. It’s not too exciting, mostly non – gymnastics questions but everyone loves Beth Tweddle!

TS: What is your present state of mind?

BT: I’m very happy. I got some pleasing results at the European Championships so I’m in a good frame of mind.

TS: Is your London 2012 build-up on track?

BT: Definitely. Hopefully it can keep going on the up. I’ve got to keep working closely with my coach and the medical staff but I’m really looking forward to it.

TS: When did you last skip training?

BT: It depends how you interpret ‘skip’. I had a week off with injury recently. I was still in the gym but I wasn’t doing my full training programme. But I would never skip as in ‘couldn’t be bothered’. My coach would kill me.

TS: Have you ever lied to get out of training?

BT: No. I can’t lie to my coach. She would pick up on it straight away.

TS: Is sporting success down to luck, talent or hard work?

BT: A combination. You have to do the hard work to get to the event. You have to have some talent but you can’t rely entirely on that – you have to work hard to produce at a competition. Obviously with a sport like gymnastics you have to have a bit of luck on your side. If you’re half a fraction of a second out your routine is over. So I’d say it’s a bit of all three.

TS: Is winning silver, losing gold?

BT: It depends what your aim is for the competition. If I had won silver at the European Championships I wouldn’t have walked away with a sad face. My aim was to go there and try some new routines. I guess it comes down to what your ambition is for that championship.

Read the full 20 questions here.

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