Luke Carson injury update (complete with Keatings commentary and Smith OST)


Back in mid September, Ireland’s Senior AA MAG Champion Luke Carson sustained a horrific injury in the build up to Antwerp. Initially he was told that it was unlikely he would run or do gymnastics again, his career was in serious jeopardy. Now, following consultations with various surgeons who offered very different opinions  he underwent surgery on October 7th  under Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Fares Haddad at London’s Princess Grace hospital.

Professor Haddad performed a four and a half hour operation on Luke. During this he took  out all existing metal work  from the gymnasts first serious tibia injury last year (4 screws and a titanium plate). He then reconstructed the fracture sight and placed a titanium rod down through the full length of the tibia. He then completed a bone graft and finished off the procedure with injecting a bone healing agent to help speed bone growth and healing. The Professor believes that this procedure will be the most successful surgical option available to Luke and should be the better option for healing time, it also has the higher success rate than other options. He believes that Luke will be able to train again.

Following a successful surgery, Luke was encouraged to walk on crutches.  Following his post surgery consultation with Professor Haddad, he decided not to call time on his gymnastics career, hoping to still be able to compete in the Commonwealth Games in 9 months time:
Everything now will come down to successful surgery and healing time, self motivation and determination. I have now decided after a detailed talk with Prof Haddad to 100% NOT finish competitive gymnastics and to continue to try with every molecule inside my body to get to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and compete. It will certainly be hard, testing and emotional, but the way I see it is that I have done this all before I can’t let adversity get the better of me, Not after everything I have been through to get this far. 

Through his sponsors Machine Fitness, Luke has begun uploading video diaries to YouTube containing updates of his progress. In three weeks he has come a long way and was back in the gym last week. The latest video offers commentary and support from Daniel Keatings and a soundtrack by Louis Smith. Make sure to subscribe and check out the video below.

Read more about Luke’s operation and plans for the future here. You can follow Luke on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his progress.

Image via Luke Carson.

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