Nastia Liukin…still unsure but making other decisions

USA Today published a new article on the comebacks of 2008 Olympians  Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. The article covers the usual for Shawn that she is training again and is still not sure how her knee will hold up […]

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Nastia Liukin video diary update

Yesterday the BBC posted a video diary update from Shawn Johnson. I had said how it would be great if she did more of these. Then last night


New Shawn Johnson video diary

Shawn Johnson is part of the BBC's Olympic Dreams which follows athletes in the run up to London 2012.  They've posted a new video diary entry from Shawn.


Little Links 8/2/11

Matthias Fahrig out of European Championships 2011 - surprisingly, not an achilles injury! (Via The All Around) GymNiceTic posts about the FIG World Cup in Paris Double Front links


Shawn Johnson – a lot done, more to do

Shawn Johnson posted her latest blog post upon her return from the National Team Training at the Karolyi Ranch last week. She says that her knee is still causing


Little Links 3/2/11- Brits training competing, Johnson comeback and more

It’s been relatively quiet in the gymnastics world lately. I seem to have missed out on some news while I was at the gym last night so here


Which 2008 USA Olympian has the best shot at making the London 2012 team?

The latest discussion in between the members of the Gymnastics McLaughlin Group is the following: Which 2008 U.S. Olympian has the best shot at making 2012? Without knowing Nastia Liukin's


New Shawn Johnson Update

Shawn Johnson has finally updated her blog! On life without gymnastics: Don’t get me wrong, these past two years have been absolutely amazing and have given me the opportunity

Shawn Johnson Interview

Shawn Johnson's video game will be released in the USA on November 16th. She recently did an interview with USA Today Game Hunters about the game. We previously

More on Shawn Johnsons comeback

We posted previously that the BBC World Olympic Dreams Team are featuring Shawn as one of the athletes being tracked for World Class 2012 in partnership with the British Sports

New Shawn Johnson video

Looking good Shawn! Watch below or on

Beth Tweddle joins campaign

Like Shawn Johnson in the USA, Beth Tweddle has joined the campaign in the UK to highlight the benefits of drinking milk. It's similar the campaign in the

Shawn Johnson @ Home

Shawn Johnson shows the BBC her basement which is full of memorabilia. Check out the rake of leotards, I know kids who would be SO jealous of that! This

Shawn Johnson Wii Games – new pics

New screen shots have just come out of Shawn Johnsons gymnastics Wii Game. I'm not one for computer games and graphics but even I can see they're pretty

Shawn Johnson Wii Video Game

I posted previously about Shawn Johnsons Wii video game. Due to be released on November 2nd in the USA, Shawn Johnson Gymnastics for Wii and Nintendo DS is

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