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I highly recommend reading The Couch Gymnast’s High’s and Low’s of 2010 –Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 Gerald S George is to be inducted into the Louisiana State University Alumni Hall of Distinction Aliya Mustafina […]

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Gymnasts of 2010

As the year draws to a close, it's time for the awards of 2010 and the top 10 of 2010 lists. Recently we've read that Beth Tweddle received


Toyota Cup Day 1 Results

The Toyota Cup kicked off today. The Men competed on Floor, Pommel Horse and Rings  and the Women competed on Uneven Bars and Vault. Women's Vault Aliya Mustafina Rie Tanaka Ekaterina


Toyota Cup 2010

The next big event will be the Toyota Cup in Japan on December 11th and 12th. The All Around posted the participants list last week. Top names such as

Freddy Cup – Italian Grand Prix 2010

The Freddy Cup (Italian Grand Prix) was another gymnastics event to take place last weekend. The recently crowned All Around World Champion Aliya Mustafina and Youth Olympic Champion

New Skills named at Worlds 2010

There's a debate over at the IG Forum - what moves could possibly have been submitted to FIG / WTC, to be included in the new Code of

Should Mustafina & Nabieva’s Vaults have been downgraded?

Gimnastas.net asks on Twitter: "this" being the revised May edition of the WAG Helpdesk (a PDF document to help clarify & give examples of different rules in the FIG

Lauren Mitchell – Women’s World Floor Champion

Gold: Lauren Mitchell (AUS) Silver: Aliya Mustafina (RUS) & Diana Maria Chelaru (ROU) (Click to

Photos: Womens Event Finals – World Gymnastics Competition

Some photos from the Women's Event Finals yesterday, Vault and Uneven Bars. Click through to view more photographs from the competition. Alicia Sacramone Aliya Mustafina Beth Tweddle Jade Fernandes

Video: FIG Women’s All Around Highlights

Another excellent video from FIG. Nabieva's fall looks painful in slow motion!

Videos: Beth Tweddle – GOLD Bar Routine

Just awesome! Hear the crowd ROAR!! 1st Tweddle 2nd Mustafina 3rd

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – new blog

I found a new blog today (to me anyway) - Rewriting Russians Gymnastics. What a great time to discover a new Russian Gymnastics Blog! On Mustafina: Last night I saw

Alicia Sacramone -Womens World Vault Champion

Gold: Alicia Sacramone Silver:Aliya Mustafina Bronze:Barbosa J Fernandes (Click to

Beth Tweddle – Womens World Bar Champion

Gold: Beth Tweddle Silver: Aliya Mustafina Bronze: Rebecca Bross (Click to

Photos: Womens All Around World Gymnastics Competition

Oddly this link doesn't feature photos of Yuyan except on the podium. Check out the link for more pictures from the Women's All Around Competition. Bross Raisman Mustafina Mustafina Yuyan, Mustafina,

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