FIG World Series concludes

The FIG World series concluded on Saturday in Moscow with Anna Dementyeva dominating the WAG competition. View all results here. A lot of the blogs have been posting links to videos so you can check them out. Moscow was the […]

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Moscow World Cup Qualification results

The qualification results for the Moscow World Cup are currently being uploaded to the Russian Gymnastics Federation website. Unfortunately if you don't speak Russian it will be hard

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Moscow World Cup 2011 Coverage & Schedule

The Moscow World Cup takes place this weekend, May 13th - 14th. View the list of gymnasts competing here and starting lists here which have changed due to

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Romanian Gymnasts withdraw from Moscow

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation has announced that the Romanian gymnasts (MAG & WAG) will not be travelling to Moscow to compete in the Moscow World Cup. The decision

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Moscow Cup – drawing lots

The drawing lots for the upcoming Moscow World Cup were drawn last week. The nominative list more recently published was a lot different to the original. There are

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New revised Moscow World Cup Nominative Entries

Yesterday, the Russian Gymnasts website (also featured on Tatiana Nabievas website) issued the original nominative entries for the Moscow World Cup in their newsletter which featured the likes

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Moscow World Cup nominative entrants

The nominative entrants for the Moscow World Cup next month have been released today.Download here.  Both the MAG and WAG line ups looks fantastic, lets hope they stay

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