Make It or Break It


Apart from the weekend and my training sessions with my gymnasts there’s no other time I love during the week more than Spanny Tampson’s Make It or Break It recap.  I sit down for a couple of minutes on a Thursday morning with a cup of tea, read and enjoy a few giggles at the start of my working day.

Let’s face it MIOBI has always been just a tad unrealistic, from Paysons speedy broken back recovery, to late night training at the Rock and to gymnasts competing a vault they haven’t warmed up but we love it. If it was taken off the air would I miss it? Yes. Spanny Tampson’s weekly episode recap highlights all these realistic occurrences, which we all love!

If you’re a fan of MIOBI or if you love to hate it, you’ll love Spanny Tampson! Check out this weeks recap “lord tubbington is allowed to eat cheese because he’s on atkins”. I particularly love last weeks episode where a huge amount of unrealistic things happen. The screen caps only make the recap even more funny!

PS… has anyone wondered where Austin and all of the boys have suddenly disappeared to??

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